Kingdom of the Kaf

Korske, is an eastern land beyond the borders of the White Range. It is a wild land, too, with little civilization to call its own. Be that as it may, the Korskens have had their share in world events. The great Korsken sorcerer called The Devourer once cut a swathe across the world before the people of Fume caught him and quartered him.

A dark and harsh country, Korske also contains some of the worlds’ strangest ruins. There is a long-standing rumor that The Devourer learned his trade in magic by plunging into forgotten buildings and reading the inscriptions of off ancient monoliths.

The thing that people really remember Korske for their love of kaf, a drink originally brewed in the Red Cities but popularized by the Korske. The Korskens have developed a series of rituals surrounding it. These rituals aren’t very popular, but most travelers enjoy themselves a cup of kaf every now and then.

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