Marsh of Drown.

The Sunken City

The City of Drown was once located north of Torch, in a flood plain in a valley. This valley remains, but Drown is gone. The remains of many ancient cities litter that plain, but Drown died recently. Lord Amdor of Drown attacked the Company of the Crow after the Battle of the Saw, setting upon them in ambush as they retreated from the Saw canyon.

The city itself collapsed when Smoke, Diver, and Twitch destroyed the underground dam system that underpinned the entire city in revenge. Amdor himself was executed along with many of the other citizens of Drown who paid for their lord’s bravado.

The floodplains of Drown remain, rife with ruins and the small huddled remnants of the city. Refugees wander, shocked and homeless, throughout the realm. Though the city was destroyed, the Temple Guard survived as their leader Crouch and many of their men where not present at the city when it collapsed and flooded.

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