Per-aa Sobek

Dead Obsidian Lord


One of the Obsidian Lords, and the first that the Company of the Crow came into conflict with. During a period after the Red Wars when flush with extra cash, the Company wandered into the city known as Pylons and drank themselves into a stupor. One Company member in particular, Content Not Found: Magpie, got into a fist-fight with a local noble, Per-aa (meaning Of the Great House in Aithioptic) Sobek.

Two weeks later, in a bloody act of vengeance, Magpie and Tickler killed Sobek’s guards and strung him up from a public obelisk by his testicles. This act initiated the rebel slave armies to petition the Company for aid against the Lords.

Sand was a cement-maker for Per-aa Sobek before he joined the Company.

Per-aa Sobek

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