The huge Izmirian Captain of the company




Nak, or Nah Khud (“No-God” in Izmiran), is the humongous and powerful Captain of the Company of the Crow. He inherited the Company from his predecessor, another Izmiran whom few in the Company still remember. Na Khud is known for his rough congeniality with the men of his crew and his devilish demeanor with outsiders. He is a fearsome man in a battle, and the enemies of the Company (or those it is contracted to deal with) must needs fear the great Na Khud as they would fear death itself.

He stands nearly seven feet tall, with a short cut black beard and sharp intelligent eyes. He wears black Izmiran plate armor polished to a horrifying sheen and engraved and gilded with gold whorls. A phrase is blazoned in gold across his chest which reads, in Izmiran, “Enemy of the Gods, of Mercy, and of Men.” Conversing with Na Khud is like being subject to the scrutiny of a thunderstorm, and fighting with him is like striving with an avalanche.


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