Florius Mascius

High Augur of Torch


A member of the decadent and collapsing Florine family, Florius Mascius is one of the only well-positioned men left in that ancient line. Though Florius Servillus has wasted most of the Florine money and political power, it is said that Florius Mascius is a shrewd man who has mad certain that he will inherit the Patriarchy when Servillus dies of old age and ague.

In addition, serving as the High Augur of the Cult of Somani, Florius Mascius has had a wildly divine foresight into events yet to come, and some whisper that the God Somani himself moves through him. There are occasions to believe that this is so, as he has often displayed extraordinary prowess at predicting events yet to come as well as warding himself and other members of the state from harm. The most significant of these events occurred when a Torch delegation was attacked on its way to meet with the civic governors of Dair and the caravan was assaulted by bandits. Eye-witness accounts say that the “divine lightening of Patrus struck down the men who assaulted the caravan, guided by the hand of the Somani-blessed Florius Mascius.”

Florius Mascius

Chronicles of the Crow Idabrius