Chronicles of the Crow

September 27, 817 Safely in Torch

So I read about the Company’s experience with the Obsidian Lords and it’s with a heavily ironic heart that inform you of Magpie’s death. You reap what you sow, as they say.

Drown sank for trying to side with the Obsidian Lords against the Company, but it seemed that while the upper crust was dealt a heady blow, the military was out of the valley and safely out of the flood. So the Company hid and sent myself, Twitch, Flick and Fade to find what work there was to be had in Torch. Or rather, was Torch someplace we could run to and regroup. It turned out to be both, though the journey wasn’t all together pleasant. We stuck off the roads, but didn’t pack enough food so Twitch ended up pilfering some from a Drownling guardhouse of sorts. I wasn’t too sure, in truth, since I was more focused on not being the one who had to head in. By the time Twitch returned though, I had seen more action than him – turned out a small group of scouts were heading or or returning. The long and short of it is we ended up with three horses, and got to Torch all the faster.

I wasn’t quite sure about out work, since the mercenary lifestyle was still quite a strange and sometimes terrible thing to me. It seemed that one of the upper class politicians in the area wanted to force his hand, so he had us kill another politician. The four of us poured in there like a thirty second flood. Or at least Fade and Flick did. We went in the side while Twitch tore through the men at the front door, trying for a distraction. Didn’t distract much, since the guards inside were more than ready for us. Or at least me. I took a nasty wound from an ax in there but the three of us found the politician soon enough. I’ve never really killed anyone before joining up with the Crow Company, but this man came a bit easier than the men on the horses. I guess I felt a little vengeful after having my chest split open like a piece of fruit. It’s not important. What followed was a smile and a chest of money that we returned with – and goods too, of course. I leave those documents to the quartermaster.

It seemed forces were preparing to take down our little camp out in the wilds, so we were off to Torch. And it seems we’re already off now. I need to get to documenting actual conflicts already.

-Cordon -Broker’s Farm -Twitch



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